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All of Dad's favourites flavours... we have of course "quality tested" all the chocolates! Sneaking in the dad jokes where we can.
Hello Officer - Sometimes a classic is what's in order. Deep dark chocolate spiked with smoke & whisky. Why, Hello Officer.
And Chill - Crazy delicious and raring to meet you on the couch for a night in. Dark salted cocoa crumb and roasted macadamia in glorious white chocolate. 
All The Memories - Smooth dark chocolate mixed with creamy peanut butter that melts in your mouth! Topped off with freeze-dried raspberry for a little zinnnng!
Dreamy Dark - This one is for all the dark chocolate connoisseurs out there. 85% of pure chocolatey goodness! Oh... and did we mention it's VEGAN!! Just try it, and thanks us later