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This Is Me is a new book created by women, for women. A book which will move and inspire them. It began when photographer Julie Adams asked women and their children to come into her studio - which was always set up by the beach in surf clubs and pavilions - and be photographed in their swimsuits. The idea? To celebrate the female body, individuality and self-love.
None of the images Julie has captured in this book have been retouched. They're raw, real and most importantly, relatable. It's not easy stepping into a photographic studio and putting yourself in the spotlight. It's confronting and it takes courage. Yet hundreds of women did exactly this. Featuring a mix of women from all over the world, This Is Me captures the journeys of hundreds of girls and women who open up about some of the issues they've faced throughout their lives.
Anorexia, bulimia, cancer, endometriosis, mastectomies and more. This book is for every woman who has ever had a moment of selfdoubt, for every woman who has ever questioned herself. It's for every mother who wants to foster self-love and acceptance in their daughter. It captures the strength of women and reminds us of the power of coming together to stand up for something we believe in.